what is heart - pulsazioni culturali?
heart – pulsazioni culturali, is a no profit association for the social promotion, which operates at various levels in the cultural field: organization of art exhibitions and shows, concerts, plays and movie showing, thematic courses for adults and children, meetings, debates, presentations, collection of documents, and production of educational material and editorial material.
The association heart – pulsazioni culturali, has been created by a group of individuals who were already very active in the popularization of art and culture.
The founder partners are, in fact, either professionals in this field or art, culture and didactics experts, who in several occasions had been personally involved in the organization of events and exhibitions in the territory of Milan and its province.
As an example they worked together on projects such as Qui, giÓ, oltre (2009-2010) and Omaggio a Morlotti (2010), for which were organized several exhibitions, lectures, plays and meetings, which involved several municipalities, public agencies, private companies and cultural associations.
heart-spazio vivo, was opened on September 24, 2011 and in a few years organized and hosted several successful initiatives: from the exhibition Oltreluogo, dedicated to the Studio Casati, an historical art gallery of the seventies, with works of Joseph Beuys, Gianni Colombo, Grazia Varisco, Dadamaino, François Morellet, Herbert Distel, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Nanni Valentini, Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Jorrit Tornquist, Luigi Veronesi, Mario Nigro, Andreas Christen, Christian Megert, Verena Loewensberg, Paolo Minoli, Nato FrascÓ, Kuno Gonschior, Mario Deluigi, Sandro de Alexandris e Antonio Calderara, to the exhibition Glass in heart, an extraordinary survey of glass works produced by Italian and French Glass Masters, from Art Nouveau to the present, including a side exhibition dedicated to Ugo Nespolo -, and to the presentation of books, to art lectures and to workshops for children.
With the exhibitions named heartismi, heart-spazio vivo was opened to personal art exhibitions: a diversified proposal, but always extremely selective, of emerging or already known artists, coming from the entire Italian territory.
The associazione heart presented in the spaces of AAM 2012, the work of Vittorio Comi Who wants to live forever, curated by Simona Bartolena: a project which suggest deep reflections on the issue of art works perish-ability, on their relation with the ambient and on the possibilities to experiment new technologies during their realization.
During May 2012, the association heart has been involved in Colori, a project relevant to the use of color in the art, which involved several municipalities of the provinces of Lecco, Monza-Brianza and Milano, with exhibitions, lectures and events.
In the occasion of the event Ville aperte in Brianza, the association heart, together with the Bice Bugatti Club of Nova Milanese and the Provincia di Monza e della Brianza, curate, organized and promoted Tracce of Contemporaneo: exhibitions of contemporary art work along the course of the event.
The 2012 ended with two very important exhibitions:
Antonio Scaccabarozzi, la certezza del dubbio, an anthological exhibition curated by Simona Bartolena and Alessandra Galbusera, opened in two locations and dedicated to the great Artist disappeared during 2008 and Fotografia dell’identitÓ a joint exhibition of international photographers, curated by Roberto Mutti, which showed works of great artists such as Yasumasa Murimura, Bill Brandt, Seidou Keïta, William Klein, Helmut Newton, Sante D’Orazio, Nobuyochi Araki, Jan Saudek, Sebastiaõ Salgado, David LaChapelle, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andres Serrano, Kim Joon, Wolfgang Tillmans, Thomas Ruff, Loretta Lux, Robert Gligorov, Vaness Beecroft, Sandy Skoglund, Irina Ionesco, Nicollas Sinclair, Nan Goldin, Shirin Neshat, Giovanna Torresin, Matteo BasilÚ e David Hamilton.
During the month of February 2013 heart-spazio vivo, hosted the once again successful, second edition of the Glass in heart exhibition, which this time was dedicated to the bestiario, and exhibited more than 100 glass animal created by Archimede Seguso, some of which never exhibited before. May 2013 was dedicated to an amazing personal exhibition of Ugo Nespolo: Il Nespolo di Maggio.